How to submit an offer to LA UX

  1. Tell us about your company and the perk you want to offer.
  2. Your request will be forwarded to the group admin for review.
  3. If approved, your perk will be distributed via email and listed on the website.

Vendor Details

Enter the name of the vendor that is offering the offer. e.g., Expedia, Staples.
Enter a description for the vendor. What is the main product or service of this vendor?
Enter the URL of the vendor's website. e.g.,

Logo note: If possible please choose a logo image that is roughly 150 x 50 pixels (W x H), or multiples of that size — any size will work, but those proportions look best.

Upload the vendor's logo

Offer Details

Enter one line describing the offer. e.g., 20% off on any 1-year plan.
Enter the details of the offer. What does it include?
Leave empty if it does not expire.
Enter the URL to the offer. e.g., URL with a coupon code.
If there are special offer redemption instructions that requires more than just clicking the offer url, enter them here. e.g., Email someone.

Contact Details

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